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Top 5 apps in Windows 5 to start their 2022

Microsoft last year launched Windows 11 to be the latest version of the much-loved operating system deployed around the world.

The company relied on the development of the integrated ecosystem of its devices and services with Windows 11 better. It has therefore developed many of the services available to the system, such as the App Store, and allowed Android apps to be downloaded through it.

Below we offer you a range of unique and diverse applications in the Microsoft App Store that can improve the use of Windows 11

Some of these apps come for free and others are paid, but microsoft offers country-specific pricing so you find apps at a reduced price in your country more than in other countries.

EarTrumpet app 

Some see the Voice Control panel in Windows 11 as weak and don't make many choices, and Eartrumpet solves this problem. 

The app provides an advanced set of different choices that help control the sound scores of applications that work in the background of the system. 

Through it, you can also control the audio capture and output devices for each application individually. This means making external speakers work with an app and your headphones work with another application. 

You can download and use the app directly via the control panel next to the watch, and the app is available for free via the Store

Tweeten app

Twitter does not have a separate official application in Windows in general, so platform fans need to go directly to its site. 

The popular TweetDeck app is also not available for Windows, and Tweeten offers a solution to this issue as it provides a Tweetdeck interface but more appropriately for Windows 11. 

You can fully customize the use of the app in Windows 11 to suit your use more by controlling alerts and other things. 

The app is also available for free download directly through the Microsoft App Store without having to use any external installation. 

Feedlab app

Windows 11 has a wide range of RSS-based news-gathering apps, but Feedlab is one of the most customizable and newscast management apps. 

The app also gets a lot of continuous updates so you won't worry about support stopping or disappearing directly from the store. 

The app is available for free download and use from the Windows App Store, but there are plenty of ads to support it.

You can remove these ads by supporting the app by paying only a small amount once and the ads are completely removed from your account. 

Adobe Photoshop Express app

Photoshop is one of the most important computer applications when it comes to editing and improving images, and offers a lot of important features for professionals.

The company offers a free version of the app available for download directly through the Microsoft Store, which of course does not offer all the features in the full version.

Quicklook app

The app lets you browse different files, photos, and videos directly within the file browser without having to open them.

This feature is one of the most important features of macOS that many users prefer in the system. 

The app works easily by pressing the space button in the keyboard, and you can open files the usual way. 

You can also download the app for free from the Microsoft App Store. 

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