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Razer's Zephyr Pro mask adds amplification of sound

If you're disappointed that Razer has removed the zephyr subwoofer feature that promises to amplify your voice through speakers, the company has a Zephyr Pro mask announced at CES 2022.

While it looks almost identical to Zephyr, it has two speakers that surround its replaceable lower filter.

One of the Chroma RGB padded entrances also features a new button that can turn the volume amplified or turned off. The company says the feature can amplify your voice by 60 decibels up to a distance of one meter.

The new mask costs $150 when it is released sometime in 2022, compared to a starting price of $100 for the standard Zephyr mask.

You can buy a $200 beginner package that includes Zephyr Pro and N95 filters that last for 99 days.

The speaker was a feature Razer initially intended to include in the Zephyr mask at CES 2021 when it was referred to as Project Hazel.

Once the concept moved to the actual product, the company removed the feature due to weight and battery concerns. However, the company says zephyr Pro may have a similar weight and battery life as normal Zephyr.

The company explained that through zephyr Pro pre-production units, it targeted the same weight of 206.1 grams for zephyr mask.

To achieve this, says Will Powers, Razer's head of public relations in the United States, reducing the mass of speaker networks should almost eliminate the extra weight of the speaker microphone and speakers.

Razer mask contains speaker feature

For battery life, the company explains that it targets battery life of five to six hours with fans running. But only if you're used to playing the subwoofer feature while you're talking, and then close it when you're done talking.

Razer, like many companies, tends to pursue its standard-level pro products with more features and a higher price.

Taking this path is almost justified and foreseeable for consumer products. But it's a mistake for a mask that people might choose to buy to feel safer during a pandemic.

However, Razer is committed to the full implementation of the concept unveiled in January 2021. Many people benefit from a mask that can amplify your voice.