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YouTube launches YouTube Shorts service to compete with tiktok


YouTube launches YouTube Shorts, Google's response to TikTok short videos, in the pilot phase in the United States.

The short video format was available for several months in India, but today marks its debut in the United States, along with the addition of many new features.

The feature allows creators to record, edit and share short video content of 60 seconds or less, with optional lying to popular music.

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Globally, YouTube has agreements with more than 250 publishers to use in youTube Shorts, she says.

YouTube shorts was introduced for the first time in September and have been tested in India over the past several months.

Global users were able to watch short films but were unable to create them.

The YouTube Shorts content shooting experience is very similar to TikTok.

YouTube says its advantage allows content makers to shoot short and attractive videos using only their mobile phones.

It provides a way to link multiple clips together, add music, use a timer, a countdown to hands-free video recording, and all the features currently available via TikTok.

YouTube has introduced some new tools that it hopes will help it differentiate itself from the group, where users will be able to sample and remix other short videos, and content makers will also be able to add text to specific points in the video.

YouTube Shorts joins a busy field of short video apps, all trying to take advantage of the short social media content craze and take advantage of the turbulent TikTok year.

Facebook has launched Instagram Reels in the United States and other countries, and Snapchat's Spotlight feature allocates $1 million a day to users who make the most enjoyable videos.

Two of TikTok's competitors merged in the United States earlier this year, while Reddit acquired another called Dubsmash late last year.

YouTube plans to take advantage of its broader ecosystem by releasing the ability to use audio from videos across its platform. 

This means you can make your own creations with the content you love to watch through YouTube and help find a new audience.

YouTube is trying to reduce the barriers to creativity and help the next generation of aspiring influencers find an audience.