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Xiaomi Redmi K40 coming in March 2021 at a price of less than $500


Xiaomi Redmi K40 new Xiaomi K40 phone next March, the new Xiaomi phone is a phone issued every year with the specifications of leading phones but cheaply, cheaper than the leading phones at least, the CEO of the brand Redmi confirmed the issuance of this phone in March next month, as confirmed the price, of course, what I will mention in this article applies only to China the phone will not be issued outside China, or at least another name will be issued globally, in this news we will mention what we know about The phone, what the CEO of the brand stated, a simple comment on the phone.

Another of the many Xiaomi phones to be released this year this phone is a little different because it is a family of phones whose function is to compete with leading phones and offer a closer experience for a flagship phone but at about half the price, as explained By Lu Weibing, CEO of The Redmi brand - affiliated with Xiaomi - via Chinese social networking platform Weibo phone coming next March and will come with a processor snapdragon 888 and a battery larger than 4000mah and a screen of the best screens that can be put in a mobile phone with the price of 3000 yuan The equivalent of currency conversion is only approximately 463 U.S. dollars.

What we expect about Xiaomi Redmi K40 is that the phone will be released whenever it is released but we will not find it around the world with the same name and will remain in China, and since Xiaomi has prevented the installation of Google applications on the Miui version addressed to China I do not think that we will see who imports this device in Egypt or any other country, but it may be issued in a global version either by the name of Mi 11T for example or we will see it in a phone from Poco F3 phones for example as happened last year Poco F2 is Red K40, has been issued globally at a price comparable to the price of this phone in China


Xiaomi spares no effort this year we in the first quarter and here she has released her flagship phone Mi 11 and we have leaked about its stronger version Mi 11 Ultra from the flagship phone itself, and we have leaked about Redmi note 10 also, now Xiaomi Redmi K40 will be released soon and behind him we will find Poco with a new phone, other than the future phone announced before, Xiaomi does not calm down this year, and we do not know what is coming from this company.