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What is the developer's mode in Windows 10 and how can you activate it?


Windows 10 system contains the developer mode in the settings as with the operating system Android, the developer mode is more powers in Windows where you can develop applications and test them easily and allows more settings for developers other than other if you are a developer you should activate the developer mode in Windows 10 and here's the way.

We enter the settings and then the updates and security section Update & Security and then page For Developers and then Developer mode and then you press Yes and so you have done developer mode in Windows 10


Features of developer mode in Windows 10

You can install applications from outside the Microsoft Store even if they do not contain a certificate signed by Microsoft and fit to use and this may reduce the level of security of the system somewhat but it is considered a necessary option for developers who want to test their applications during development.

Developer mode allows you to use the feature of correcting application errors directly via visual studio and testing it on your computer before uploading it to the Microsoft Store
Developer mode also allows for special options such as displaying the extension of files next to the name, showing hidden files, or viewing the entire file path. 


It also allows you to modify the settings of the firewall to allow remote computer connections and open ports in the firewall and enable you to change the policy of executing orders in Power shell allowing the execution of orders that are not signed by Microsoft certificate.

In the end, we say that the development mode and option should not be activated only when needed may be harmful in its use for the average user but for developers, it is very suitable for the performance of programming and development tasks.