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This will be POCO X3 Pro. Snapdragon 860, 120 Hz screen


Are you considering buying a medium/sophisticated device by 2021? The new king of the Underdoid system may be close to its launch. POCO was today responsible for announcing that POCO X3 Pro will officially arrive on March 30. This device is expected to serve as a renewal of POCO X3 NFC, one of the best Android phones you can buy now. The phone has not been leaked and we can't know many details, just the potential processor that will include it.

A few days ago I published information that Qualcomm is facing serious problems in the manufacture of chips due to the epidemic. Some manufacturers are running out of top new generation processors, so it's natural that Qualcomm would like to put forward a solution.

This solution will continue to offer older segments with improved performance and a more modern name.   An example of this Snapdragon 860 which leaks tells us that POCO X3 Pro will connect to it, a processor of the 800 series at a low price, and there are currently no problems in the inventory where it is available a lot and can be offered with the phone.

The device was announced by POCO India that it will be launched on March 30. We do not know the company's plans to market it in other markets or about the final price. The good news is that you won't have to wait long to find out all the details.

With regard to its design and characteristics, we only know that POCO plans to introduce it with a 120 Hz screen.