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Ready For brings DeX-style desktop to Edge Plus


Motorola is expanding its Edge Plus flagship phone with a new desktop interface called Ready For.

Like Samsung's DeX, The Ready For platform allows users to connect their smartphones to a larger screen using a USB-C cable to USB-C or USB-C to HDMI, allowing edge Plus to be used as a computer.

The company envisions four different uses of the Ready For platform, where users can convert Edge Plus into a portable desktop computer, complete with a mouse or Bluetooth keyboard – similar to DeX.

But Motorola also has more interesting ideas on how to use Edge Plus, such as turning your phone into a video conferencing station using smartphone cameras — either the 108MP main lens or the 16MP ultra-wide lens — for a better video chat experience.

There are also entertainment options, where players can pair a control arm and use Edge Plus as a temporary platform, either for original mobile games, such as Fortnight, or with game streaming services, such as xCloud.

Users can also connect their phones as an easy portable set-up set-up – Motorola envisions connecting Edge Plus to the hotel room TV, giving you access to all streaming apps when traveling without having to worry about setting up your wireless network in your room.

Ready For or DeX is not the first attempt to turn a smartphone into a computer, as the mobile phone record is full of previous attempts, such as Palm Foleo or Motorola's LapDock Atrix 4G accessory.

Although Motorola's use here is a bit ambitious, there are certainly more creative ideas to turn the phone into a larger screen after the desktop experience.

Motorola's Ready For platform is scheduled to be rolled out to Edge Plus users across the Verizon network starting today as part of the Android 11 update.

Motorola, the lenovo-owned company, describes the platform as a versatile platform that amplifies the power of your smartphone beyond the limits of your device.