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PUBG Download Link: New State And Play


The new PUBG mobile game developed by Kfrafton Inc. has become a reality. It's called PUBG: New State as we pointed out yesterday.

This game will not be another major update for PUBG Mobile no! It's a whole new game, but it's faithful to the original PUBG game. The best part is that you can try it now on your mobile phone! In this article you will discover how to download PUBG New State in APK before anyone else.

This game releases a new map and improves graphics to ensure a highly realistic and immersive experience. Of course, keep all the survival dynamics that we're already used to with PUBG, while making it a much more futuristic game.

Despite being officially introduced, you still have to wait until the end of the year for you to enjoy the final version of this game. But... That doesn't mean you can't try it now. And how? It's available at APK. Support, one of the best app stores for Android that we have explained earlier.

- After entering the link below, and to make sure that the current version of PUBG: New State is compatible with your mobile phone, you can type your mobile phone model and Android version in the corresponding boxes.

- Once everything is ready, download the APK file and install it on your mobile phone

 So, with these steps, you can try PUBG: New State before anyone else. However, keep in mind that this version is still under development, so there may be many errors.

Link: PUBG New State.