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OnePlus 9 Pro supports 50W wireless charging


The next OnePlus 9 Pro supports 50-watt wireless charging, and OnePlus claims that the phone charges wirelessly (with the new Warp Charge 50) from 1 to 100 percent in 43 minutes.

This is a big boost compared to the 30-watt OnePlus 8 Pro wireless charge, which delivers 50 percent charging in 30 minutes.

Improvements are not limited to wireless charging on the OnePlus 9 Pro, with the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro enjoying 65-watt wired charging that charges the battery from 0 to 100 percent in 29 minutes.

While the OnePlus 9 doesn't get these fast wireless speeds, it can be used with the new charger up to 15 watts.

In addition, OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro support standard Qi wireless charging at 15 watts.

Express charging has been part of the OnePlus experience for some time and, according to the Operations Manager and Head of R&D, has been a great success with customers.

He said: Since introducing the first fast charging technology with OnePlus 3, we have heard a lot of positive comments, with many OnePlus users noting that the technology has fundamentally changed the way devices are charged, and they can simply recharge the battery for a day while preparing in the morning instead of charging overnight.

The OnePlus 9 series uses a two-cell battery design introduced for the first time by OnePlus 8T, which is part of the OnePlus 9 Pro formula for fast wireless charging speeds.

Each cell is charged at 25 watts at a time, and OnePlus uses higher voltage, resulting in less heat than a higher amp, and avoids overheating the phone by directing power through a special charging pump.

The two-cell battery design helps reduce heat from wireless charging, along with some other design modifications to help dissipate heat, such as thick copper foil and larger thermal waste.

A key feature of the charger itself is the fan, and although the added fan noise is not ideal if the charger is on the sleeping table, for a phone owner who wants to maintain a night charging routine, there is support for quieter charging during bedtime.

The newly designed charger also has two charging devices, making it possible to charge the phone either in a horizontal or vertical direction.

This is useful if you want to do multiple tasks at charging time and watch a video as well, and OnePlus says it shouldn't affect charging speed.

As for the cost of the charger, there is no price information at the moment, but last year's 30-watt Warp Charge was not cheap, with the pillow version being offered at $69.95 and the carrier version at $79.95.