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How to fix the console separation error on your Xbox Series X


Most players agree that the new models of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, launched by Microsoft in November last year, are among the most powerful models of the Xbox series that exist now, but many players still have a troublesome problem of suddenly separating the console, which makes the player have to manually connect them again to continue playing.

However, this problem appears to be disappearing as the company is working to fix this error, following the company's announcement that the correction of this error was included in the March 2021 driver update that was released last week.

Although Microsoft did not directly mention the fix of this error in the update announcement, the software manager in the company's Xbox division confirmed in a tweet: "The patch is also fixing many of the device console disconnect error previously reported by the players."

So if you're among the many players who've experienced this problem, make sure you install the March 2021 driver update on your device, and to do so, follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button in the console.
  • From the list that appears to you, click on the Profile & System option.
  • Click on settings.
  • Click on the System option, then choose Updates.
  • In the window that appears to you, click on the Console Update Available option to download the new update version.
  • If you see a message: (no console update available) no console update available, it means that your Xbox already has the latest firmware available.

If you prefer your Xbox device to automatically download future updates as soon as they are available, activate the Keep my console up to date option, which will ensure you get all the new features and important bug fixes as quickly as possible.

It's worth noting that fixing the console disconnect error for your Xbox is an important part of the driver update for March 2021, yet it's worth installing the update even if you're not having this problem.

The update includes many new features, such as new Auto HDR modes and FPS Boost that add free visual improvements to choose Xbox games that are compatible with previous versions, and patch notes also refer to support for extended wireless headphones on each Xbox and Windows 10 computer that includes new management options for your games, apps, achievements, subscriptions, and other features.