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How to document your business's Facebook page in 2021


The Internet has provided many opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, and shoppers alike, as finding potential customers has become easier, e-commerce has evolved further, and over the years Facebook has evolved from a way to stay in touch with friends to a corporate promotional platform, where there are now more than 10 million active advertisers using the platform to promote their products and services.

Facebook is now an important part of every digital marketer's arsenal, with millions of users around the world, an essential tool for companies of every size. But social media soon became full of fake accounts, including Facebook, where many people deliberately benefit from copying the names of famous brands, public figures, and celebrities.

The refore, the Facebook platform provided authentication of accounts and pages through the blue tag or verified badge that appears next to the Facebook page or account name in search and profile. It indicates that Facebook has verified that this account is real and follows the public or popular character or brand that the page represents.

So today we'll review the requirements for the blue tag, document your work's Facebook page, and ways to apply for documentation:
First, what are the requirements for documenting your business's Facebook page:

Facebook pages that wish to undergo the authentication process must contain the following:

A page name does not violate Facebook community guidelines, and the page must represent a business or a real entity.
The page must be active with at least one publication, and contain about, with a prominent image and a cover image.
If your company has multiple branches in different countries, you can document one account or page for each company, but Facebook offers an exception for pages with specific languages.

Second, how to apply for the blue documentation badge:

If your business page meets the previous criteria, you can apply to Facebook for documentation through these steps:

Go to your Facebook account linked to your business page that you want to document.
Go to this form, and then fill in the required data.
Below (authentication type) Verification type, select Page.. Then choose the page from the drop-down menu next to the Select Page option.
In order to document your page or profile, Facebook will want conclusive proof that you are the person you claim or that the company you want to document already exists, meaning that you will need to attach pictures of some documents confirming your statement, if the page represents someone, you will need a copy of a valid ID card with your photo and date of birth, such as id card, driver's license or passport.
If the page represents a company, you must provide documents indicating your ownership of the business, and these documents must contain an official stamp or watermark of your organization and may include: company phone bill, company utility invoice, certificate of foundation, establishment contract, or tax exemption documents that belong to your company.


 At the end of the form, you will find two squares that you must first type in a few statements explaining why the page should be documented. Be specific here about how your business can benefit Facebook users if possible
In the second box, you can add CORPORATE ACCOUNT URLs on other social media platforms, and related URLs that help clarify the company's reputation — such as articles written about the company on well-known local sites, or videos of well-known people talking about the company — that will help speed up your order approval.
After you've filled out and reviewed all the required data, click the Send option at the bottom of the page.



You will receive a notification after Facebook begins reviewing your application, and if it is rejected, you can resubmit the application again 30 days after the rejection.

Note that if you provide incorrect or misleading information during the authentication process, Facebook will remove the authentication tag and may take additional action to delete your account or page.

Note: You should not send more than one request to document your page, and you don't enjoy anyone offering to sell the tag because Facebook doesn't sell it, it's a free service.