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How can you easily sign PDF documents in Windows 10?


Companies began converting more and more official papers into PDF documents recently even before offices closed due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Nowadays, paperwork is an exception, not a rule, but even digital documents need an official signature, and although you can do so by printing, signing, and scanning again, you can save a lot of effort and time by creating a digital signature and placing it directly in the document.

Windows 10 doesn't offer a built-in feature that allows you to digitally sign PDF documents as easily as it is in MacOs, but there are external applications that you can install on your computer to give you the same capability and the most popular of these applications is Adobe's Reader DC app.

But how can you use reader DC to easily create a digital signature of PDF documents in Windows 10:

  • Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app, then install it on your computer.
  • After you've finished installing, open the app, and then in the main window press the Fill&Sign option.
  • Click on the Select a File option at the top to choose a PDF document to work on.
  • After you choose the document, click the Sign icon above.
  • From the pop-up menu that appears to you, click the Add Signature option.

  • You'll see a pop-up with three options to add a signature: type your name and then choose one of the fonts in the built-in handwriting, or draw a signature as you normally would in official papers if you're using a touch screen, or upload a picture of your signature.
  • After you create a signature in any way you see fit, make sure you select the Save signature option if you want to use it in the future, and then click apply.com.


  • You'll see the previous window that contains the document where you can place your new signature where you want it on the document, and then press the right-click to change its size or position if you wish.
  • Now, if you want to add your signature to another PDF document, just open it using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app and then click on the Sign icon and choose the signature you previously saved.