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Google Caller ID in your phone and always know who's calling you with an anonymous number


Phone calls are no longer as popular as they were in the past, but there are still many users who use the phone app daily on their mobile phones to communicate.

 Google's Phone is one of the best phone apps, renamed Google Phone, which has great features such as caller ID and blocking unwanted calls.

Taking advantage of the fact that Google Phone is already compatible with many Android phones, we'll explain how to install this caller ID on your phone to find out who's calling you.

Of course, the installation process is, as usual, you download it in Google Play and the installation will take place automatically, but the process does not end when you install Google Phone on your mobile phone, where you must make it the default phone application for the device.

To do this, open Google Phone for the first time in their phone and click the blue "Set as default" button. After that, confirm the operation.

And that's it, Google Phone is now the default app on your mobile phone. The next step is to configure it so that it identifies and identifies who is contacting you.

To do this, the application must be opened to enable functions that will identify calls and block all those that are random mail.

To do this, enter the app and click the three-point vertical button in the upper right corner. In the list of options that appear, click "Settings."

After accessing the app settings, click the "Caller ID and Spam" section, where you'll have to enable the "See Caller ID" and "Filter Spam Calls" functions.

After you activate it, you'll start watching how Google Caller ID tells you who each number belongs to you, and also how you'll stop receiving spam calls from telemarketing companies.

link google play app: phone