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Facebook makes you open your account on your phone using USB to prevent your account from being hacked


Most people are currently interested in the security and privacy of their data online and on social networks, and this has led to a significant change in the strategy of technology companies. In the case of Facebook, you will now be allowed to check your password using USB, which many know as a physical key.

Not only that, but Facebook also lets you do a two-step security check. That is an additional step to facebook's username and password.

The irony of this news is that after the Facebook scandal with the change in Watsapp's privacy policies, it is now emerging as a company more interested in the privacy of its users. Facebook's security keys are nothing new (but they are rather old). In fact, this option is available for the desktop version of Facebook since 2017 but they now access the mobile version, for both Android and iOS. It works through a two-step verification system.


In addition, although it seems that security keys are something designed for a more technical audience, Facebook wants most users to be able to use it to improve their security. You can currently use this feature via Bluetooth or by connecting a USB port.  

When will the security key be available on Facebook?

The mobile phone security key option is now available, just access the Facebook app, go to the Settings option and access the "Security and Registration" section.

However, keep in mind that these physical "keys" to access your Facebook account in a safer way will not be sold by Facebook, but you should buy them from companies like: yubico