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Epic Games expands its battle with Google to include Australia


Epic Games has expanded its worldwide legal battle against dominant mobile app store operators through a new legal action against Google in Australia.

The new suit accuses Google of anti-competitive conduct that violates Australian consumer law, as well as the search giant for violating the country's Competition and Consumer Act of 2010.

The legal action follows a similar action against Apple in Australia last November, and Epic Games' legal battle against app stores now extends to the EU, THE UK, THE US as well as Australia.

According to the suit, it is time for Apple and Google to allow app makers to exceed 30 percent through alternative app stores or in-app payment systems, which is now a requirement for a growing number of companies, app developers and regulators who deal with the Apple and Google App Store.

Epic Games says Google is abusing its control over the Android operating system, restricting competition in processing payments and distributing apps through the Google Play Store, stifling this harmful behavior, reducing consumer choice, and driving price inflation.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of the fortnight, said in a statement: Google's illusion is that it is open by making arguments about having alternative app stores across its platform or allowing applications to be downloaded directly from third parties, but in reality, these positions are so rare that they hardly affect monopoly.

Sweeney adds: The barriers Google places on android are real, and refers to actions taken by Google, such as warning users against downloading software outside the Google Play Store, as ways to scare users to download only approved software.

He added: Such actions make it clear that Google is more interested in pretending to be open than providing options to consumers, and we believe that consumers have the right to install applications from the sources of their choice and developers have the right to compete in a fair market.

This argument is slightly different from that used by Epic Games against Apple in similar actions, where Google allows alternative app stores and external downloads of apps that Google Play has not approved.

But Google makes it extremely difficult to download apps directly on Android devices, forcing the vast majority of users to access apps through the Google Play Store, Epic Games says.