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Disney+ platform achieves unprecedented success by surpassing the threshold of 100 million subscribers


The world's huge production company Disney launched its new live streaming and on-demand video service, which was chosen by Disney in November 2019, to enter the fierce competition in this field, especially with the platform Netflix, which is long ahead of it but still managed to win the bet.

Just 16 months after Disney's launch of its platform+ Disney, the company finally announced its figures, and it is the first time it has exceeded the symbolic threshold of 100 million subscribers to this service, while many suggest that Disney may surpass Netflix overtime to take the throne of streaming services on demand, despite its recent era compared to Netflix, and Disney + offers exclusive content in all genres.

In its principles, Disney+ service was available but only for users in a few countries such as the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands, and the idea was to then circulate the service to other European countries and then the rest of the year from 2020, but nevertheless, the service is still not available in a number of countries in the world, especially in the Arab region, unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and others.

"Disney's tremendous success, which now exceeds 100 million subscribers, has led us to be more ambitious and significantly increase our investment in the development of high-quality content, in fact, we have set the goal of creating more than 100 new content annually, including Disney Animation, Live Action, Marvel, Star Wars and Geographic, and our direct customer business will continue to be a top priority for the company," said Disney CEO Bob Tangle. Our strong content pipeline is boosting its growth."