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A site that adds to the translation of your video to any language you want for free


If you have content you want to post, the ideal solution would be to try to overcome all possible barriers. This means trying to reach all possible audiences, even if they are not our language. Therefore, it is useful to translate our videos into other languages. In this sense, we want to provide you with a service where you can create subtitles in other languages for your videos.

Its name is Type Studio and will automatically allow you to translate your video into any language.

For example, if you devote yourself to creating educational videos, many processes are the same anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is worth looking for a way to create translations in other languages to try to spread more easily in other regions. The YouTube site, from its translation section, allows its creation automatically, however, we have no control over it. This means that if we want to correct a word, we can't do it on YouTube.

The process of using the site is very simple. First, we'll have to upload the video that we want to translate, and once you upload it, the system will automatically process it. This means that the text will be created in the language in the video. After that, you will have the possibility to translate this text into the language you want.


When you are satisfied with the result, it will be all about saving the video and therefore you will get it with the translation in the language you want. This way, you can create subtitles in other languages for your videos within a few minutes. It should be noted that the service in its free version allows only 20 minutes of video per month.