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9 Interesting Facts About Python Programming Language


The name itself sounds interesting. Right? Well, there are many interesting things you need to know about the python programming language. Some may be useful while others are less important. Anyway, here are 10 interesting facts about Python programming.

1. Why It's Known as "Python"

This is the first interesting truth about this language. Why the name Python and not any other name? Does the creator of this language have some connections with the snake?

According to the creator Guido Van Rossum, the name of this language is derived from the British comedy series "Monty Python Flying Circus". The comedy series was broadcast on the BBC during the 1970s. Also, Van Rossum wanted a short and mysterious name. Something that would attract everyone's attention.

2. Python has surpassed French in primary school

That sounds interesting. Believe it or not, in 2015, Python surpassed French to be the most popular language taught in elementary schools. Statistics revealed that 6 out of 10 parents prefer their children to learn Python rather than French. This just shows that many people appreciate the importance of python programming.

The same applies to children. The same statistics revealed that 75% of children studying in primary school prefer to learn how to control a robot rather than learn French.

3. Python does not require an interpreter

As a high-level and localized language, Python does not need an interpreter. This is different from Java and C++ which must be grouped first before they are interpreted. Python, it relies on an application known as a translator.

The Python byte code is stored in the form of a .pyc file, which is then executed by a suitable virtual machine. This machine acts as python's operating clock engine.

4. Python has Variables C and Java  

Despite being an independent programming language, Python contains programming languages C and Java. The C-shape is known as CPython and is designed to give Python C advantages. One of these features is in terms of performance. The variable can work as a translator.

Python's Java variant is known as Python Jython. It brings some key aspects of Java such as productivity and enables it to work on a virtual device.

5. Python is an open source language

Despite the immense popularity of Python, it is an open source language. This means that it contains all the features of an open source language. It does not have a special license that controls who uses it.

As an open source language, python community members are allowed to make their contributions to Python's private system.

6. Python is one of Google's official languages

Do you know that Python is one of google's official programming languages? Language has been an integral part of Google thanks to its efficiency and ease of transmission. It's an easy-to-use language even when developing large and complex projects.

Google Search and YouTube represent some products that are powered by Python. There are many Google APIs and libraries based on Python programming.

7. Python is more like English

A lot of people say python is easy to read. The main reason behind this claim is that Python is more like English. You can easily understand what each line of icons does. Everything is clear and straightforward and you can understand it easily.

8. Python has a wide range of applications

You can build anything you want with python. Language can be used to develop the web, develop mobile and AI applications, machine learning, big data, and IoT applications.

9. Python does not support pointers

Unlike other programming languages, Python does not support pointers. Instead, objects are passed by reference.