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5 ways you can learn online chess for free


The Queen Gambit – which won two Golden Globes last month, one of the best short drama series in 2020, and the second-best actress – produced and broadcast by Netflix attracted much attention to chess.

Although you don't have to be an experienced player in the game to understand the events of the series, at the same time you can see how important this game is in enriching the mind and learn a lot of good behaviors, such as: patience, logical thinking, lack of haste and other behaviors that benefit you in your life in general.

And then if this series inspires you to learn chess from the beginning or want to improve your abilities in it but do not know where to start or you can not reach a friend to play with because of the constant closures, we are happy to tell you that there are many online sources that allow you to learn the game from the beginning or enhance your skills whether playing with a colleague or alone and completely free.

1. Aimchess app:

One of the latest apps to learn how to play chess from the beginning or improve it, where every day the app gives you some lessons and tactics that you have to pass to win points or balances that you can spend in opening additional more complex lessons.

In addition, the app analyzes patterns for your previous games using artificial intelligence to provide a report that shows your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve them.

Sometimes whenever you play a lot of levels, the app will challenge you to win the games you lost, analyze the way you play, and report it so as to avoid the mistakes you made in the next game.

The app is available for free for android users in Google Play, and for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store.

2. Add Chess Vision:

In addition to web browsers, they rely on AI technologies, where they can analyze any chessboard on the screen, for example: if you're trying to solve tactics in an app or watch a chess game broadcast live.

Just turn on the add-on and in a few minutes you will scan the board and provide the best moves and tactics to win, and it is an excellent way to learn chess especially if you want to know where to make mistakes.

The addition also includes a powerful search engine for Chess videos on YouTube, where you can categorize search for videos in general, or use filters to search and see the movements of a particular element in the board, such as pawn, and include an artificial intelligence-based e-book reader that converts classic chess books into interactive pages.

The add-on is available for free to users of browsers: Firefox and Google Chrome.

3- Read e-books about learning chess:

Sometimes perhaps the best way to learn how to play chess is by reading some books before practice, and in this aspect, the book Predator at the Chessboard by American author and law professor Ward Farnsworth is the best start especially if you're a beginner.

After reading the book which is available for free via this link and learn more about the game and how to play it, you can go to the accompanying site via this link where you can test what you read previously where you will see a chessboard, and ask you to find the best movement, and if you can not request a hint or reveal the solution, but we recommend of course to do all your best before requesting to solve the problem until it starts correctly.

4-Listudy website:

In order to become a good chess player, you need to study the most common opening and end tactics, so Listudy lets you learn these tactics through a far-off iteration to improve memory retrieval, by doing so repeatedly at specific intervals, and over time your mind will train to memorize these tactics, and you will also learn about the differences that are an important part of the opening mastery.

You can also practice different sets of end game games that you will find yourself in while playing chess, a good idea to learn these tactics to act when the clock is ticking, so often you need to play quickly to win, as the site gives you a database of tactics to test yourself, by giving you a random position in the board and asking you to find the best step.

5- Free online courses:

Playing chess while learning skills that many don't have, but John Bartholomew is a rare exception, being ranked as an international expert in the game and one of the most famous players who teach the game to beginners via his YouTube channel.

His channel is excellent and especially for beginners looking to improve their skills in the game, and his channel contains many playlists that include how to learn chess skills and many lessons about common mistakes made by players, but remember most videos seem suitable for those who have the basics of the game, so if you start from scratch using one of the other options in this article.