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You can now run Android apps on Windows 10

It is that now users can run Android applications in Windows 10 operating system through the program "your phone" which currently allows you to make and answer calls from your cell phone, view and reply to notifications, open the photo gallery and send SMS messages on computers.

 The new feature "your phone" will allow you to open many Android apps independently in Windows 10, where they will all run separately in a window, and in fact, we can install them on the taskbar to start running faster. Also, we can switch between applications using "Alt + Tab" as it happens with other programs.

This feature will officially arrive in the coming weeks and will be available only on Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra initially, however, Microsoft and Samsung have confirmed that this feature will also reach more Samsung phones.

Although "your phone" is compatible with most Android devices, the fact is that there are exclusive features from Samsung, such as the option to copy your phone to your computer to control it, so it is very likely that running Android apps will also be exclusive to Samsung for a long time (or forever), but this has not been confirmed.