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Xiaomi launches portable printer that doesn't need ink printing


Despite the fact that our current era is practically digital, there are still many romantics and nostalgia who continue to lean towards physical form.

For these people, Xiaomi decided to launch a portable printer that does not require ink and can be moved anywhere thanks to its small size.

It is true that when we hear Xiaomi, we immediately think about smartphones, and although Xiaomi has shipped 46.5 million phones worldwide according to IDC data, this figure represents only a third of what the brand occupies on the market.

The Chinese company relies mainly on home appliances such as lamps and smart curtains that users can control from smartphones and other products.

In recent years, pocket printers have become more important than ever, as they offer the possibility of printing directly from a cell phone.

In this sense, Xiaomi showed a small portable tool that does not require ink to work, unlike other printers that can become boring because of the maintenance it requires.

The first thing to know is that this Xiaomi pocket printer uses ZINK Zero Ink technology to print photos without the need for cartridges, so you don't need to waste all your money when capturing your favorite moments.

Running this printer is very easy and practical. The printer connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and from this, with the help of the Xiaomi application, you can send images to be printed, which will be executed with a resolution of 313 × 400 PPI and a size of 76x50 mm. Yes, it's a small size, but very retrograde.

Among other aspects, this interesting printer doesn't need a Wi-Fi network, so it's ideal for trips, meetings, or all kinds of situations.

The only thing you'll need, of course, is paper to work, as its battery is 500 mAh, which is enough capacity to last for several days with regular use.

If you want to immortalize your most precious moments, this printer from Xiaomi is likely to be an excellent choice.

You can buy this device through this link: