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Xiaomi creates a unique design for its upcoming phone screen


Xiaomi has announced its latest concept for the phone: "A screen from all directions". This means that the unnamed phone screen not only contains "waterfall as mentioned" curves at a deep angle of 88 degrees on the right and left sides but also at the top and bottom, leaving no room for ports or buttons. Xiaomi says this aims to "endlessly extend screen boundaries" and enable "a real, port-free, single-body design."



The obvious question is how this can be achieved in the corners of the screen, and based on promotional images, Xiaomi seems to leave it empty with small round openings. It's not complete but it's still a great trick - although for people who don't like relatively curved displays on phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This phone concept follows last week's announcement of Xiaomi's seemingly strange technology, the real wireless charging system "Mi Air Charge". Going back to 2019, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Mix Alpha, which features a screen wrapped around almost the entire device, although it was not finally put up for sale. This latter concept may not become a commercially available device.

Xiaomi will announce the availability of its world's most traditional Mi11 flagship phone at an event on Monday, February 8.