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Xiaomi also wants to make its own electric car


There have been rumors for months about Apple's plans to launch an electric car, but although the company is one of the best hardware manufacturers in the world, it knows that building a car is not easy, which is why it is looking for an alliance with a car manufacturer to implement these plans.

Xiaomi also has plans to build its own electric car, and as with Apple, it is seeking to cooperate with an experienced manufacturer, although there are no names or reports at the moment on possible ways to reach an agreement.

Lee Jun, CEO, and founder of Xiaomi has been interested in the electric car business for years;

The idea that Xiaomi wants her own electric car should not come as a surprise and should not be interpreted as a step to copy Apple's idea because Lei Jun has spent years investing and looking for solutions with electric and autonomous car manufacturers.

In 2019, Xiaomi invested nearly $400 million in Xpeng Motors, an electric car startup planning to reach Europe this year, and according to figures from the same brand, its sales grew by 326% in the fourth quarter of 2020. compared to the previous year.

When Xiaomi invested in Xpeng Motors, the possibility of reaching an agreement with the manufacturer to build Xiaomi's first electric car was raised, but at the time Lei Jun stated that this was not the best time due to various problems in the automotive sector focused on electric cars.

Tesla is one of the other manufacturers that Lei Jun dealt with, not to manufacture his car, but to discuss issues with Elon Musk on how Xiaomi got into this business. John's meeting with Musk took place in 2013.

Sales of electric cars have increased dramatically in recent years, with, according to Statista data, only 580,000 electric cars were sold worldwide in 2015, while sales in 2020 increased to 3.1 million units.

Of the sales achieved by electric cars in 2020, Tesla sold most of the cars with a total of nearly half a million cars worldwide, followed by German manufacturer Volkswagen with 220,220 cars.

Xiaomi probably won't initially think of a semi-autonomous car like Tesla, since the manufacturer has not shown an independent driving technology like the one it's been working on for years, although it may be seeking a partnership with another manufacturer for this purpose.