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Translate text in other WhatsApp this official way from Google

Conversation on WhatsApp is usually a very simple task, as you only have to write the message and send it until you reach the other person. But what happens when you have to speak a language you don't quite know? For these exceptional situations, you can use a simple trick to help you translate your WhatsApp messages automatically.

 The trick of translating WhatsApp messages is hidden in Gboard, Google's keyboard. As we already know, this tool is one of the company's most innovative creations, which has worked very well when it comes to providing them with interesting and innovative functions that make typing on our mobile phone easier.

Taking advantage of google translate, The American company Google decided to improve its keyboard by incorporating its famous translator into it. So we get to the basic function that allows you to translate WhatsApp messages automatically. To do this, you must first install gboard on your mobile phone from the link below it.

Once you install and configure it as the default keyboard on your device, it's time to see how Gboard can help you translate your WhatsApp messages. B. We explain the process step by step:

Open WhatsApp, enter the conversation you want to send the translated message, and open the Gboard keyboard app.

Click the button that contains three horizontal points that appeared in the toolbar, in the upper right corner of the keyboard. In the list of options that appear, click the "Translate" button.

In the top bar that appeared in Gboard, choose the language of the message and the language you want to translate, i.e. tell the keyboard the language you will write in and which you want to translate.


Type the message you want to translate in the text field that appears inside the keyboard and Gboard will translate it instantly in the WhatsApp text field. When you're done, just send the message that Gboard translated.


Gboard - the Google Keyboard