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The new app that makes you open two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts on one phone


If you have two phone numbers and want to open two WhatsApp accounts or any other app, there are very fun options.  

Many users need to have two WhatsApp accounts, especially for devices with a dual SIM card. Although many Android phones already have very interesting functions to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone, some still lack this functionality. Fortunately, there are some ways for you to own my WhatsApp account on the same device. The most useful is the use of third-party applications. We tell you what's new.

Although there are some options like Parallel Space, it is one of the best options we can use on Android phones. However, we know you with a modern application and it is about to DO Multiple Accounts.

This app is as simple as others. We'll just have to download the app and install it from the Google Play Store. After that, we will be asked to select which applications we want to reproduce and will open a list of these applications. We must confirm that to access the cloned application, we will always have access to DO Multiple Accounts. On the other hand, the process is practically the same. We can also receive notifications in real-time whenever someone writes to us on WhatsApp or others.

Link: DO Multiple Accounts