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The best free app to enhance your language abilities by talking to foreigners


Smartphone technology has helped to facilitate learning paths and especially learning foreign languages and spread many applications in order to compete for the provision of that service, and among the most prominent applications I tried and I liked very much is lingbe application this wonderful application is completely different from other applications so that this application gives you the possibility to talk with other people in order to enhance your language abilities.

The idea of this application is an easy and beautiful idea so that the application offers you a list of languages you want to learn and once you choose the language you want to practice, the application gives you the opportunity to contact people who speak that language and therefore you enhance your language skills with them by talking with the voice.


The nice thing about the app is that it is free and you can download it from the Google Play Store, and once you install the application gives you 15 minutes of calls, to talk about them with foreigners or with those who speak Arabic in general.

For additional minutes, it is enough to reply to the calls received by other people and talk to you, and all the time you have won many points, which you can then convert to additional minutes.

The application features a beautiful graphical interface and presents you the status of your progress weekly and many features let you discover it yourself.

To download the app from the Google App Store: Lingbe