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Sensor Tower, a mobile phone analyst, says Telegram is now the most downloaded gaming app in the world.

Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal may have dominated the conversation recently, but don't think Telegram is far from it.

Recalling data from Sensor Tower, Notebook Check notes that Telegram is now #1 in the list of apps not intended for downloaded games worldwide. It's also #1 on Google Play and #4 in the App Store.


In December 2020, Sensor Tower placed the telegram app ninth on the same list, with WhatsApp and Instagram in 3and 4th place. They have since dropped to rank 5 and 6, with Signal rising to No. 3. For now, Telegram seems to be the king of conversations.

Statistics estimate that Telegram downloads increased 3.8 times over January 2020, with 63 million users last month. Most downloads came from India by 20%, followed by Indonesia by 10%.

It's no surprise to see Telegram removing WhatsApp from the top. WhatsApp is losing users amid concerns about the updated privacy policy and identity requirements.