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steps you'll do if you want to get rid of Facebook tracking and spy on you

Given the problems facing Facebook due to the security and privacy problems of users and they reside by selling user data to advertising companies, so in this article, we will offer you some steps that will help you protect your data that exists on Facebook especially after this has become of interest to many governments and institutions. 

1. Install Facebook Container Add

This add-on is from one of the browser extensions but it is intended for firefox browser users for computers and this add-on is dedicated order to protect your data and your privacy when you use Facebook, so dear reader if you are a Firefox user you should install it immediately.

2. Install Add AdBlock or AdBlock Plus

This is one of the security research done by some information security specialists as installing ad block extensions such as adding AdBlock or AdBlock Plus on the browsers you use, this will help you reduce or prevent Facebook tracking you when you use it and most often the site will not be able to track the sites you visit, so after installing the browser on your computer you must install one of these extensions to block ads and also in order to get rid of Facebook tracking you. 

3. Using Firefox browser

In fact, this choice is personal as the browser Firefox is one of the browsers that I still use on my phone until now it is now the default browser for me because it offers a lot of features that make it worth the experience and the most important of these features is that it provides 5 blockers tracking inside it and they are blockers analysis ads in order to display similar ads to you and also blockers content and blockers analysis of the sites you visit, and also social trackers that are used by Facebook and depend on them where These blockers are automatically activated when you start using the browser.

4. Using browsers that protect you

It is certain that there are a lot of browsers that provide a great degree of protection when you use it where you make your browsing safe and hidden without registering any cookies on the browser, as these browsers have some tools and features that give you a great degree of security and these tools are blocker tracking or tracking which prevents Facebook when using it from tracking your page and activities that you do and thus will then exploit this data in many forms either in the ads or suggestions that appear you on Facebook.

5. Stay away from the official app

You should stay away from the official application of Facebook dedicated to phones if you want to use Facebook from your phone you can use it through one of the browsers but you should stay away from the application Facebook itself, the reason is that you want to get rid of the tracking of Facebook for you but you give it permissions the first time you install the application on your phones such as camera permissions, microphone, contacts, location, and other permissions, so you must dear reader away from using the official application and you should use Facebook through Browsers only.