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Samsung Watch ECG is available in 31 countries


Samsung has announced the launch of the ECG and arrhythmia notification in the UAE and an additional 30 countries, mostly European countries.

The feature will work on galaxy Watch3 and Active2.

Samsung health monitor helps people with permanent heart rhythm disorder, continuous follow-up by the person so that his or her health does not deteriorate, and be in constant contact with your doctor.

If you want to check your heart rate with the Samsung health monitor app, you should do the following steps:

The person should sit comfortably for minutes before measuring.

  • Turn on the app.
  • The watch must be adjusted well to the wrist.
  • Take the watch and place it on a well flat place free of heights.
  • Click the top button for 30 seconds which is galaxy watch active 2
  • The device reads the number of heartbeats.
  • If this sinus Rhythm appears, the pulse rate is normal.
  • If AFIb appears, this indicates a disturbance in the pulse rate.

The ECG is located in a number of countries, led by the UAE, and will soon be followed by a number of other countries that may number as many as 31 countries worldwide.