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Quick Split, an app that lets you post long videos over 30 seconds to WhatsApp cases


After being popular in other times, WhatsApp also adopted and included the stories feature. It is a section where we can post content that lasts only 24 hours and then disappears, but as you know this section has limitations for content that must be shared and which should not exceed 30 seconds. In this sense, we want to offer you an app that will help you share long videos in WhatsApp stories.

It's called Quick Split and its job is to split videos that last more than 30 seconds, so you can share them in WhatsApp stories.

A feature of the content uploaded to the stories is that if it relates to videos, it cannot exceed 30 seconds. This means that if we have a two-minute video, the app will automatically download the first 30 seconds. So how can we lift an article that exceeds the permissible duration? This is where Quick Split comes in.  It's a very easy-to-use video that will allow you to upload videos over 30 seconds to WhatsApp stories.

What the app does is cut our long videos into 30-second parts and publish them all.

Using the app is really simple and in seconds you'll be able to share more than 30 seconds of videos in WhatsApp stories. To get started, look for the video you want to post and select the sharing option. In the available sharing apps, select Quick Split, which will process the video instantly. Once you cut it, you just have to touch the option of sending new videos to your WhatsApp status and that's it.


Link: Quick Split