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Qualcomm launches the first 5G modem chip at 10Gbps!


Qualcomm has unveiled its new 5G chip under the name X65 5G, the speed of data transfer with the new modem reaches 10 Gbps and is considered the highest speed of wireless data transfer to date and the speed of data transfer has an approach to wired connections such as Ethernet, fiber optics and other high-speed wired connections.

The chip followed Qualcomm's X60 modem chip last year, which had a data transfer speed of 7.5 Gbps, and the previous Qualcomm X60 modem came with a 5 nm manufacturing accuracy.

According to Qualcomm, the X65 chip will be geared to many of the most powerful devices in the specifications, such as top-tier "flagship" phones, PC computers, laptops, the Internet of Things, 5G networks of a local corporate network, etc.

The X65 chip comes with a 4 nm manufacturing accuracy, and the chip uses artificial intelligence to recognize hand grips 30 percent higher than previous generation chips, making network modem capture better.

The company has also announced that a good modem will be high in energy efficiency, as it will use smart Transmit, which enhances broadcast speed while improving coverage.

Qualcomm also announced the production of X62 chips that support 5G networks, which offer data transfer speeds of up to 4.4 Gbps, and Qualcomm has also confirmed that the X62 segments will be largely geared to low-potential devices.

Qualcomm has begun producing and supplying phone and computer manufacturers, and the new chip is expected to be used in new devices from this year.

Last year, Qualcomm launched its most powerful processor to the moment, snapdragon 888, which was actually introduced in the flagship in 2021, a leap in performance versus the power consumed by the processor as its processor came up with 5G technology.