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Prevent sites you browse daily from violating your privacy by using


Have you ever agreed to the terms of the User Agreement for WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, or any of the other sites?

I don't think so, you are like me and like millions of web users who are tired of reading long files, especially those that take a long time to read, so most websites make sure that their agreement with the user is so boring in order to pay to approve their terms that use their own data in a way that violates their rights to maintain the confidentiality of that data.

Here the question arises, how do we as ordinary users protect their privacy before agreeing to usage agreements to prevent that site from sharing our information with third parties?

There is no need to worry anymore, with a site like Tosdr.org you can read any agreement before it is approved, where the site summarizes the long agreements, as it works to classify and evaluate them between the very good category (A) and very bad category (E).

The site also uses some colors to alert you to those agreements that may violate your data and share with advertisers, it paints the appropriate user agreement in green, while giving the red color of the agreement the worst in terms of maintaining privacy, so the site is a great opportunity to help you discover sites that exceed the limits allowed in collecting data, so do not hesitate to add the site tool to your browser.