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Plex tests integration with Apple TV app


The popular media hosting and live streaming platform Plex has begun testing integration with the Apple TV app, and once fully developed, this feature allows users to find Plex content through the TV app via iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

The TV application serves multiple purposes, and one of these is to act as a content center from other broadcast applications.

Apple TV can view content from apps like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, making it easy to keep track of what you see in a single app, and then go to individual apps to actually see the content.

One Twitter user monitored plex testing to integrate with the Apple TV app, and the integration of the TV app appeared in test flights latest trial version of the popular media hosting and live streaming platform.

Screenshots of the feature show a demand to connect plex to the Apple TV app, with on-screen language stating that the participating app shares what you're watching with Apple.

This means that the content you have in Plex appears in the TV app and in places, such as the Up Next menu.

It uses operations, searches, purchases, and the device's confidence in customizing your experience, improving the experience of others, sending you notifications, and preventing fraud.

The merger does not appear to have been fully released yet, with a Twitter user explaining that the content is stored through its Plex server does not appear continuously to run through the TV app.

Clearly, one possibility here is that Plex plans to integrate the content you provide through the streaming service with the TV app only, not the content that users store through their servers.

Plex launched its own ad-backed streaming service in 2019, offering users a variety of free TV and movie programs.

The service may be planning to make this content available only through the TV app, not user-hosted content from individual servers.

"This feature only works with free movies and TV shows on-demand, and we would like to integrate personal media as well but this is not technically possible for two reasons," said one Plex employee via Reddit.

"To do this work, we provide Apple with a list of content we have available for streaming, and as detailed in our privacy policy, we don't know what content users have in their personal media libraries.