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New malicious software called Sparrow Silver affects nearly 30,000 Macs


Malicious software called Silver Sparrow has hit nearly 30,000 Apple Mac computers with macOS and even affected computers with apple's new M1 silicon chip. The data was discovered by security researchers at Red Canary, who later analyzed the problem with others from Malwarebytes and VMWare Carbon Black.

According to the research, the most intense activity of malware that hit devices was in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany. It is no coincidence that the market share of Apple devices in many of these countries is above average.

The researchers were monitoring the effect of this malware, without seeing its final effects during its analysis. In other words, they were able to access infected computers, but malware only waited to receive external requests in the form of commands,

However, Red Canary warns that this does not mean that Sparrow Silver is not a threat due to its perceived lack of activity, as this mechanism can be implemented when discovering investigators' discovery tools. The biggest problem right now, other than not knowing its potential future impact, is that it is not known how Silver Sparrow infects many computers.

The research indicates that malware can arrive with cracked apps, malicious ads, or fake flash update tools, which remain even after flash farewell is one of the most active "infection" paths on macOS. As always, many of these installations occur after bypassing Gatekeeper security in System Preferences.