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Microsoft tries to buy Pinterest for $51 billion


In the midst of the epidemic, large technology companies continue to implement strategies that allow them to strengthen their services. One of them is Microsoft, the company that tried to buy the social network Pinterest for $51 billion. However, the negotiations seem to have calmed down a bit, according to the Financial Times.

Microsoft will buy Pinterest to offer its Azure platform to more than 450 million social network users who have used Amazon Web Services to date.

Pinterest is a platform that allows us to create and manage thematic panels using images related to "events, interests, or hobbies." During the epidemic, the network increased the number of active users to 37%, which means that it exceeded 100 million active users.

The app currently has 459 million subscribers. Its market value grew by up to 600% during the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching about $51 billion, according to the Financial Times.

This will be the amount that Microsoft will have to pay for Pinterest, which if the process is done will represent the largest investment in the history of the technology giant.

Pinterest has maintained its position to continue to operate as an independent company. In addition, you continue to monetize ads, pins, and other publications that are uploaded by users.

In recent years, Microsoft has acquired many companies. Among them, Linkedin's professional platform, the GitHub code warehouse, as well as video game companies Minecraft and ZeniMax. It even showed interest in TikTok when the Trump administration tried to force the Chinese company to sell parts of its shares to U.S. companies.