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Microsoft supports Word with a new ai-based features


Microsoft plans to roll out a new feature in word processing next month, text predictions, which rely on artificial intelligence to suggest the right words instantly while typing, in order to improve productivity.

Microsoft first introduced this feature to 50% of Windows Beta subscribers last year to try it out. But it was spotted in the update on Microsoft 365 this week, and this is a move that the company intends to introduce to all Word users next month.

The Word Press app is in competition with Google Documents, which has a similar feature called Smart Compose, available since 2018.  
What is the feature and how does it work in the Word app?

The feature uses machine learning to make writing suggestions based on the text written by the user, and according to Microsoft: "The new update in the Word app will help users write more efficiently by expecting text quickly, in time and accurately."

The feature will create inactive text predictive words, and the user will have the option to add them to the text they type directly by pressing, ignoring, typing, or typing them completely by pressing the Escape button on the keyboard.

In addition, the new feature in Word will also adapt to the user's writing style over time by analyzing language preferences and writing habits, as well as minimizing or avoiding any misspellings and grammatical errors in the text.

The company plans to launch the feature later in March, but at the same time has not specified when it will arrive for the web version or macOS version.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft is working heavily to provide regular updates to its word processor application, where last year it added voice copying to word for the web that provides an easy way to automatically copy audio.

It has also launched a productivity-focused Microsoft office software package for iPad users, which includes several applications, including Word, as well as support for Split View, mouse, and trackpad support in the latest iPadOS version.