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Microsoft lets you create a website easily with Domain for free


Microsoft, through its digital marketing center, has begun to offer a new free service so that anyone can create a full website for their business in just a few steps. The tool lets you post the site in a few minutes and gives you a free BIZ domain.

This tool is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. First, it is important to know that this tool is only available in English and that it is part of Microsoft Advertising services. However, it is possible simply to create your website and publish it for free without the use of any Microsoft services in the process. To do this, the first thing you need to do is create an account in the Digital Marketing Center, or log in with your Microsoft account.


When you create your account, you must uncheck the option on the left where they help you with the ad and instead select the option on the right that provides you with free help to manage your social networks as in the picture.

In the following steps, you should select the "I don't have a website" option as in the picture below. To indicate that you do not have a website for your work. You must write in the domain your business name, and below its URL.

Once you choose the name, you must choose from two other options: import your Facebook page directly until the tool creates a website from all that information in your Facebook account, or create selected a website of your own by customizing everything from the beginning with the options it offers you.

It's possible to integrate your social networks so that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds, for example, appear. You can even select the posts you want to see. You can add a photo gallery, and you can customize the cover.