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Launch the new MetaHuman Creator to create realistic characters and faces


MetaHuman Creator, the new tool from Epic Games, has arrived based on its Unreal Engine engine, through which it will try to make it easier for artists and designers to create characters with completely realistic faces, reducing the time and costs to develop them.

To give us an idea, the company says in its statement that the creation of human characters reduces the time to less than an hour compared to the weeks or months it normally takes, without compromising on quality.

The best thing is that it is a cloud-based tool, so its use simply requires a web browser. Being cloud-based, the company will make continuous updates, to be fully sophisticated with time for users.

When creating a human personality, users can choose from 30 types of hair types, a variety of clothing styles, plus 18 different types of body, among other variants.  

Once you have the required personality, it can be downloaded in Maya format and can even be made mobile.