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Invidia demands transparency on RTX 30 series specifications


Invidia is now asking companies that sell laptops with new GRAPHICS chips from the RTX 30 series to be more transparent about the kind of power people can expect.

Invidia explains that these companies need to disclose specific frequency statistics and total graphic strength across online product pages while telling people everything they need to know about the capabilities of laptop graphics.

However, companies will not have to point out that these chips are Max-Q variables because, according to an Invidia spokesman, the Max-Q tag is no longer part of the GPU name.

Instead, the Max-Q tag is now used to express that the laptop with a GRAPHICS chip from the RTX 30 series is equipped with efficient features, such as Whisper Mode 2, Dynamic Boost 2, and Advanced Optimus.

Previously, the Vision of the Max-Q brand made it easy to determine the overall performance of a laptop without the need to know the specific frequencies.

It is encouraging to see that Invidia no longer allows companies to hide this vital information from marketing materials.

The company wants to help buyers make a sufficiently conscious purchase without having to wait for the first reviewers and adopters to report the specifications.

By sharing these specifications, companies can make it easier for consumers to understand how, in some cases, the MSI GP66 Leopard's RTX 3070 chip can outperform the MSI's RTX 3080.

Given that the Max-Q brand no longer indicates the power potential of the graphics chip, transparency about the frequency and amount of power the chip can consume is more important than ever.

An Invidia spokesman said: "We require manufacturers to update product pages regarding Max-Q features for each laptop, as well as frequency and power – which demonstrate the performance of the GPU expected in this system.

Invidia says that manufacturers have begun sharing this information, including Asus, and here are some of the models that are supposed to be released soon (and those currently on the market):

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