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Google VPN is out of beta and now officially offers it


Today, we find a variety of VPN services to surf the Internet safely. So, it's no surprise that a big company like Google, one of the most internet security advocates, has launched its own VPN service, which today finally leaves its pilot phase on Android, and will soon also reach iOS.

Today is Safe Internet Day, and Google wanted to celebrate it in its own way to advertise Google Fi VPN. As Google describes, as other VPN networks do, Google Fi VPN allows you to browse and download in a private encrypted environment, protecting your real IP address. Thanks to this, your online activity will be anonymous and no one will be able to know your real location. In addition, all your traffic will be encrypted even on public and unsafe networks.

Google offers free VPN service to Google Fi subscribers

Therefore, a free VPN protects users from all kinds of attacks, although it does not prevent Google from snooping on users' traffic. The good thing about this service is that it is built-in for all Google Fi subscribers, allowing you to browse all kinds of networks on your mobile phone safely so that the data is not spied on.

Google Fi VPN can be controlled through google's new app. In addition, it not only protects mobile phone traffic but also protects against advertising calls by automatically blocking numbers identified as scams, abusive ads, or automated calls.

Google Fi VPN also protects against SIM card impersonation attacks, where an attack can impersonate you and create a duplicate card on your behalf, leaving you without a phone. Using Google Fi, the phone number is linked to a Google Account and can be used to check two steps to the process.