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Google funds Linux kernel developers to focus on security


Linux Foundation has announced plans to provide funds to two Linux kernel security developers, with the developers focusing their time on improving kernel security and associated initiatives.

The news comes in the wake of the publication of an open-source survey report to shareholders that identified the need for additional work on security in open-source software.

In a press release, The Linux Foundation said: Google's contribution to securing two full-time security supervisors indicates how important it is to maintain the integration of open source software.

"Security is always our top priority at Google, and we understand the critical role it plays in the sustainability of open source software," said Dan Lorenc, an employee software engineer at Google.

"We are honored to support the efforts of Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor as they work to enhance the integrity of the Linux nucleus.

Linux Said: While there are thousands of Linux kernel developers, all of whom take security into account as the right path to their work, this contribution from Google to secure two full-time Linux security supervisors points to the importance of security in the continued sustainability of open source software.

More than 20,000 Linux contributors have made more than 1 million commitments since August 2020, with Linux kernel developers always taking into account code security.

The Linux kernel is the primary interface between the computers and the software they work on and has become the cornerstone of much of the open source systems that have been deployed around the world.

However, Google's support for two full-time Linux security supervisors further highlights the importance of security in open source software.

Ensuring Linux core security is critical because it is an important part of modern computing and infrastructure, and requires everyone to help in any way possible to ensure that the kernel is sustainably safe.

Google and Linux have previously independently committed to helping open-source projects manage their brands.