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Get vertigo and certified certificates through Google Academy


Google Skills program is a training program aimed at honing your digital skills so that you can develop your business or career or if you want to provide your confidence in yourself, and this happens through collaboration with experts will help you achieve the success you want online and anyone can participate in a skills program from Google and this is far from his skills or goals or digital knowledge.

Skills program provides easy and customized training courses to provide you with the required digital skills that will help you develop your career as well as your business at the pace that suits you.
Skills improve your digital skills, helps you identify tools to help grow your business, and help you prepare to enter the career path you want.

How can I get a certificate?

You will get an actual certificate after completing all the topics in the Skills program from Google.

How will I get the certificate?

A pdf copy of the certificate will be sent to you by email when you pass the final test and can download and print the certificate as you wish.
What's the solution if I waste my degree, how can I get it again?
When you pass the final test, you can return to your control panel and download the certificate whenever you want.

There are no limits to the progress you want as the goal of educational videos is to help you get what you want and these videos are provided by experienced digital experts, as they provide you with the skills needed to promote yourself and your online business and you will also learn how to get a suitable audience for you and you can take advantage of the Internet to achieve your goals.

Google Skills program is your stop to master digital marketing skills all you have to complete all 26 topics and open all badges in order to get a skills certificate from Google about online proficiency.

What courses are found in google skills?

  • Take advantage of the content of the video.
  • Delve deeper into display ads.
  • Use mobile for the success of your business.
  • Promoting knowledge of social networks.
  • Help customers find you online.
  • Achieving success through the use of analytics.
  • Convert data into actions.
  • Plan to strategize your online business.
  • Create your online store.
  • Expanding business globally.
  • Advertising on other sites.
  • Use the opportunities offered by mobile.
  • Show your business on social networks.
  • Introduce your community to your activity.
  • Start using analytics.
  • Use search results ads.
  • Increase online sales.
  • Start marketing the content.
  • The first steps towards online success.
  • Contact by email.
  • How to find you through search results.
  • Use search results ads.