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First look at Google's Android 12


A series of leaked images provides an initial look at Google's Android 12 update, where XDA-Developers posted screenshots said to be taken from the initial draft of documents distributed by the search giant to Android partners.

Prior to the stable release, Google shares documents and source code with its key partners in order to give them time to prepare for release.

The early draft of a google document summarizing changes in Android 12 appears to have been leaked, and screenshots showing the new user interface and functional changes have been extracted from the document.

The screenshots, which XDA-Developers say have not been fully confirmed, including what appear to be new changes to the user interface, along with the new privacy indicator and chat tool.

If the user interface changes are accurate, they include a focus on circular angles, while reducing the number of quick settings available from the non-extended notification panel.

It seems that Google is also using a light brown color scheme, which could be part of the new original common feature system for Android 12.

Unlike user interface changes, screenshots display a new privacy indicator similar to that found in iOS.

The indicator acts as a warning in the status bar to show that an app has access to the camera or microphone.

XDA-Developers also reported an alleged comprehensive overhaul of the privacy settings in Android 12, with the ability to fully switch between turning on and off the camera and microphone.

Other screenshots show what could be a new conversation tool for the operating system, appearing to show recent messages and calls, and XDA-Developers claim it can be a mandatory feature for all 12 Android devices.

Google has not officially confirmed any new user interface or feature changes to the next operating system so far.

However, the company has committed to making third-party app stores easier to use on Android 12. 

Google usually previews the next version of Android in March, and Google surprised everyone last year by previewing the Android 11 developer as early as February, so we might be able to see what Android 12 has in store in the coming weeks.

Google is scheduled to launch its next flagship version of Android later this year, following a series of developer previews and trial releases that are likely to begin to emerge later this month.