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Firefox adds Total Cookie Protection


As part of its war on web tracking, Mozilla is adding a new tool called Total Cookie Protection to the firefox browser, which aims to prevent cookies from keeping tabs for you across multiple sites.

Total Cookie Protection works primarily by keeping cookies isolated between each site you visit, or, in Mozilla's words, by creating a separate cookie jar for each website.

"When combined with the supercookie protection feature released last month, Firefox is more equipped than ever to provide users with very robust and comprehensive protection against cookie tracking," Mozilla said.

The new feature is available in strict mode to protect enhanced tracking in both desktop and Android versions.

Cookies are text files that contain small pieces of data that can be used to identify your computer.

Although designed to improve your web browsing experience, it can also be used to monitor your online activity without your consent.

Google is also working on a plan to kill third-party cookie tracking via Chrome as part of the Privacy Sandbox privacy protection project, an initiative that seeks to allow personalized ads while limiting individual metadata.

In addition to full protection of cookies, Mozilla also adds multiple image support within the image in firefox version 86, which is available via Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

You can now watch several videos at the same time, with the launch of the multiplayer show scheduled to coincide with the NCAA's March Madness basketball tournament next month.

The new updates are an introduction to what we expect to be a major redesign across the Proton interface expected later this year.

Proton's interface was launched in January, and the redesign includes Mozilla's address bar, toolbar, and tab bar, with tools to make it easier to customize the look of the new tab page than ever before.