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Facebook launches Super app that lets you talk to celebrities


Facebook introduced the initial test of Super Social Network, space where users can pay celebrities to talk and interact with them. The tool was already developed a few months ago, but this week facebook's new product experience team launched a new live test of the app.

A list of upcoming live streaming events is provided, which users can register for. By clicking on any event, you can access a screen indicating the countdown to the start time of the default meeting.  

Once you get into a celebrity encounter, there are different levels of "fans". There are, at least for now, two options, those who support the famous (you can only send feedback), and those who are VIP, this second option lets you have a face-to-face chat with the famous person and take selfies with that person. For now, both plans are free, but Facebook will make them paid.

For now, Super only provides basic and concise examples of video interviews hosted on YouTube, so this seems to be mostly a presentation of how the system works. But, over time, the idea would be to get users to connect with their favorite celebrities.