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facebook blocks all news in australia


Australians woke up on Thursday unable to access news on Facebook after the social media giant banned publishers and other users in the country from sharing news produced by the media on its platform.

The decision is a declaration of war against the Australian government after it moved ahead with its intention to pass a law forcing technology companies to pay the media for the content they post on their platforms. The bill was passed on Wednesday by the Lower House of the Australian Bihouse. Next week it must be ratified by the Senate.

In practice, the restriction means that Facebook's move means that all news from the Australian media is banned on Facebook and that those posted outside Australia are not visible to users in the country. The bill stipulates that if companies and the media do not reach a trade agreement on the amount to be paid, the number will be determined by a court acting as an intermediary.

The Australian government has already announced that despite the blockade, it will continue its own road map and Facebook retains restrictions despite widespread criticism from the media, politicians, and human rights defenders, particularly when it was revealed that the blockade temporarily affected the work of various emergency services, NGOs, and government profiles, including official health pages, emergency security warnings, and social safety nets.