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Documentary+, a new platform for watching free documentaries


Documentaries are an entertaining way to get to know different perspectives on any topic. The advent of streaming platforms has made them more common, taking into account easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the rest. However, these services are paid for, which means there is a subscription to enjoy the content. In this sense, we will give you a new platform that allows you to watch documentaries for free.

It's called Documentary+ and is a website with about 100% of the total you can enjoy for free.

We know that YouTube is a huge source of all kinds of audiovisual material and documentaries. However, those who enjoy watching this type of content in good quality may not be very satisfied with this option. This is the value of Documentary+ which comes with the ability to watch free high-quality documentaries and just one ad before playing content. This platform deserves recognition, keeping in mind that alternatives to watching free documentaries will fill you with ads, providing a very bad experience.

The first thing that amazes us when we enter Documentary+ is its beautiful façade. Keeping in mind that it's a free service, the visual experience is generally very enjoyable, and little mention of Netflix. You'll receive some recommendations on the home page, and if you scroll down, the catalog will be expanded.