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create apps for android without knowing to programming with modular


The tools that allow users who do not have much technical knowledge to start creating apps for smartphones, tablets, or web pages are nothing new, but recently the proposals have become increasingly diverse and allow you to help you create applications easily.

In this sense, we'll talk again about Kodular, a site that allows you to easily create apps where it only requires dragging "components" (the basic visual elements of any application, interface) to a smartphone with a blank screen to create your app. These components can be text boxes or pop-up buttons ... To understand all this, it is best to browse their help pages for beginners from this link.

Applications that can be created in Kodular also have a beautiful appearance, because the components have style material design guides.  The second part, which gives meaning to these components is "blocks", i.e. the elements responsible for connecting the components to how they respond to stimuli, actions, and events. The example they gave on Kodular describes it well. What should the app do when a user clicks on a particular button? What data should I access? The blocks take care of all this.

In the future, Kodular also wants to support the creation of applications for the other great mobile operating system iOS, which will make it an integrated site. In the meantime, you can start creating your Android app at the following link :