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Application to download and browse websites without the Internet on the computer


When we talk about "surfing the Internet", we mean the process of visiting web pages. In this sense, we have that web pages are nothing more than a collection of files that everyone can access through the browser. However, it is likely that these files will not be available at some point, and the site in question disappears. Therefore, we want to offer you a simple way to download any website.

To achieve this, we will rely on a Windows application called Site Snatcher, through which we can download any web page.

When we talk about downloading a web page, the first thing we think about is why do we do it? The truth is that there are multiple causes. For example, those who devote themselves to programming, can use this capability to study the structure of specific sites. Similarly, if you are a follower of the content of a website and want to continue to access it even when it is not available on the Internet, or if it disappears, it is best to download it.

The good news is that this is a very easy task and site Snatcher is very easy to use. It should also be noted that it is a completely free application we can find in the Microsoft Store.

Downloading a web page from Site Snatcher involves only two steps: paste the link and activate the download. To do this, run the app and the small window that forms its interface will be displayed. There you'll see a bar where you must paste the link to the site you want to download and press the download button and some additional options.

Site Snatcher will download the web with everything you need to make it work offline from your computer.  

Link: Snatcher