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Apple demands Steam with more than 400 toy sales data


Apple summoned Valve in November 2020 as part of ongoing litigation with Epic Games, which is demanding that video game distribution service Steam provide condensed sales data for more than 400 games.

Apple is asking Valve to provide huge amounts of commercial data on Steam sales and operations over several years, and the move comes amid Apple's ongoing battle over Epic Games' efforts to avoid paying app store fees.

Apple argues that Steam data is necessary to calculate the size of epic Games' distribution channel market, where Epic Games can theoretically offer its games through Steam as well as other digital markets.

But the data is also valuable in evaluating the gaming and app market, space where Apple's iOS app store continues to compete with the Steam market.

Valve asserts that Apple's demands are unusual and oppose the request, as Apple wants valve documents that explain the following:

  • Total annual sales of in-app applications and products.
  • Annual advertising revenue from Steam.
  • Annual sales of external products attributed to Steam.
  • Annual revenue from Steam.
  • Annual profits, whether total or net from Steam.

Apple said in the filing: The courts have asked Samsung to provide almost identical information, and in addition, Apple also asks Valve for documents that explain:

  • The name of each application via Steam.
  • The time range when the app was available via Steam.
  • The price of the app and any in-app product is available via Steam.

Valve argues that the requests are overly public, and said: Apple has given us a list of 436 video games that explain that they are available through epic Game and Steam store and asked us to select each version and all digital content or items for each of these games via Steam from 2015 to the present, as well as provide comprehensive information on each of them.

The information requested includes sales dates, price changes, total revenue for the game release and items, divided individually, and Valve revenue related to these releases, content, and items.

Valve explains that these claims impose an unusual burden on them in order to inquire, process, and integrate a huge amount of documents to create documents requested by Apple and that it does not retain such data as part of the normal course of action.

The filing indicates that Apple has reduced its request for data from all over 30,000 steam games over 10 years to 436 games over six years.